Project History

The Valhalla Shooting Club & Training Center is truly a unique facility. Originally designed as a recreational amenity to a world-class resort, Valhalla has become the most progressive reality based members shooting club on the planet while remaining true to its original design.

The building that is now the headquarters for the international Valhalla Training Company was originally designed by the owner Thomas Forman to be the premier interactive live-fire range in the world. This range was the heart of the Gun Club, which also features three clay fields supporting trap, skeet, 5-stand and a driven bird simulation. Membership in this club was designed to bring benefits at the resort as well and appeal to both experienced and novice shooters.

After the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Forman re-doubled his interest in using the building as a training facility as well as a recreational venue. Efforts in this direction lead to a brief relationship with Executive Security International, the renaming of the facility as the "Valhalla Shooting Club" and eventually to the hiring of Rob Pincus as the Director of what would become the "Valhalla Shooting Club & Training Center" (VTC).

From late 2003 to the present Valhalla has continued to push the envelope of reality based training and has developed a training client list unmatched by any other facility in the industry, including military special operations personnel, special operations instructors, law enforcement, private security contractors, those interested in self-defense, hunters and recreational shooters.

Valhalla Shooting Club (VSC) has continued to attract affluent clients as members as well as training students. In the spring on 2007, Valhalla closed the sale of the first 50 Founding Memberships and has begun marketing the next block of 50 General Memberships. Also in 2007, Valhalla entered into an Associate Membership Agreement with Bear Creek Lodge in Telluride, CO, yielding an additional 110 families as Associate Members of VSC. The recreational shooting programs of VSC have continued to be at the top of the list of experiences for corporate and family groups since it's opening in 2004.

The almost 16,000 square feet of live fire ranges and target systems at VTC have been dramatically re-designed and improved over the past 4 years to allow more advanced, realistic and varied training, which has allowed Valhalla to attract more diverse and advanced clients and continue to receive media and industry attention as a leader in the field. The Rand Corporation identified VTC as being uniquely advanced and realistic among operational private sector ranges for the purposes of training for urban combat in a white paper prepared for the United States Government. The National Association of Shooting Ranges awarded Valhalla a rare 5-Star rating in 2005. Valhalla continually receives high praise from students from around the world and a variety of extensively experienced backgrounds.

VTC is also the home to the Combat Focus Shooting Program, which has been integrated into Naval Special Warfare SEAL Qualification Training and the curriculums of various law enforcement agencies and academies around the country. Valhalla instructors and programs are also being sought out for courses off-site and consultation for program development around the world.

At the end of the 2007 Training Season, the owners of Valhalla decided to return to the original intent of their business plan and end the use of the Valhalla building as a Training Center and Rob Pincus' company, I.C.E. Training, inherited the legacy of the programs developed and taught there since 2003. The Valhalla Shooting Club moves forward as the most advanced and exclusive private shooting facility in the world.

Letter From Mr. Thomas S. Forman

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